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                News and Events
                On September 23th, 2019 Medical Education Synergy Summit forum of Shanxi Medical University was held at Shanxi international convention center, which was co-sponsored by Shanxi Medical University a......
                On May 17, President Xi Jinping wrote a letter to all Pakistani international students at University of Science & Technology Beijing, welcoming outstanding young people from all over the world to s......
                ?With advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, China's image as a great power has won the attention of the world. In order to tell good Chinese stories and spread good Chinese voice, our Inter......
                Campus and City Life
                Our safe and inclusive campus environment and our student-friendly city provide everything you need to make the most of your university experience.
                Campus map
                Explore where things are on our compact green campus.
                Term dates
                Find out about how the academic year is structured.
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                Visit us and youll find out why so many students choose SXMU.
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